Most companies have words, phrases, symbols, or designs that make them identifiable to consumers and distinguish them and their products from other companies. By registering a trademark for these branding items, the company creates legal presumption of ownership and assumes the exclusive right to use them, preventing other companies from adopting the same branding particulars or operating under logos, designs, and slogans similar enough to confuse the public.

Being the first to use a certain name or slogan does not always guarantee a trademark or protect a business from copying. In addition, if another company trademarks a similar slogan or logo first, your design could be considered the copy and you could face legal ramifications for trademark infringement.

The lawyers at Connor Lee & Shumaker have broad experience conducting trademark searches, registering trademarks, and covering all types of trademark infringement and dilution cases involving trademarks, service marks, trade dress, product configuration, trade names, domain names, letters, numbers, colors, and telephone numbers.

Let us help you trademark your business identity and avoid trademark infringement.