Business Disputes

When business disputes interrupt business as usual, you need a fast and effective resolution so you can get back to it. The attorneys at Connor Lee & Shumaker have extensive experience in protecting your business rights and interests in all aspects of the resolution process.

Whether in arbitration or business mediation, negotiating a settlement or litigating in court, we represent individuals and businesses in all forms of dispute resolution including, but not limited to:

Internal disputes regarding:
* intellectual property
* partnership formation and dissolution
* employees
* insurance
* shareholders
* company purchase or sale

External disputes regarding:
* Business fraud or misrepresentation
* unfair competition
* real estate
* contracts
* general commercial litigation
* international business transactions

As a proven partner in complex legal matters, we can handle any necessary legal intervention involved in your case. We can also assist existing counsel, or simply advise you on your options toward resolving your business dispute. Connor Lee & Shumaker is a leader in providing thoughtful, responsive and effective business and commercial litigation services.