Copyrights protect original works of authorship from the reproduction, distribution, display, or future creation of any works based on the original without the author’s permission. These include literary works, music, artwork, screen and stage plays, software codes, and other originally authored materials.

Unauthorized use of any work protected by copyright is a violation of federal law and subject to damages. However, while a copyright is automatically created at an original work’s inception, a public record is necessary before a copyright infringement suit can be filed. There is no public record of it until the copyright is properly registered.

Licensing agreements and other legal transfers granted by the author allow the copyrighted material to be used by others while ensuring the owner maintains control over how the work is presented to the public.

The copyright lawyers at Connor Lee & Shumaker in Austin have broad experience both in securing copyright registrations and litigating copyright disputes. Our copyright attorneys have worked extensively with a local area art consulting firm to navigate complex copyright issues, and have litigated copyright disputes in district courts throughout the country.

If you are the author of creative content of any kind, contact us about protecting your original materials through copyright.