“Keep on the lookout for novel ideas that others have used successfully. Your idea has to be original only in its adaptation to the problem you’re working on.”


Who We Are

At Connor Lee & Shumaker PLLC., we have a passion for commercial litigation and intellectual property law.

With years of litigation experience in a variety of technical fields, we have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in business and commercial litigation matters, including breach of contract, partnership formation and dissolution, shareholder grievances, real estate issues, and intellectual property disputes.

We are dedicated to understanding our client’s business and objectives so that we can fully advocate on their behalf by protecting their intellectual property and, when necessary, litigating in a zealous, yet cost-effective way.

This high level of commitment to our work has made us specialists in our field, uniquely qualified to handle complex and demanding legal matters for companies big and small.

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What We Do

Connor Lee & Shumaker brings you a wealth of experience in litigation and intellectual property representation. Our team has diverse backgrounds including engineering, health sciences and bio-sciences. Our precedent-setting team’s primary mission is to represent you with honor, precision, and passion.


It’s difficult to put into words the depth of my gratitude and appreciation for the work Cabrach Connor and Jenny Lee did in my defense against a large corporation in an IP related lawsuit. Being litigated against is a deeply traumatic and life changing experience. It’s an event that can transform your life as it profoundly affects your mental and financial state. Finding Connor and Lee was a blessing. Right from the start, they were fiercely committed to finding the truth, justice, and resolution to my case as quickly as possible.  These are two of the smartest and most proactive lawyers anyone can ask for. What makes them unique is their fundamental decency and attitude towards helping the little guy in a system where justice often favors those with considerable resources. I spent many weeks and days working with them closely and found them to be deeply caring and empathetic people, committed to fighting hard for their client. In my case, they walked with me through every step of the journey so I stayed well informed of the decisions being made, and they worked hard to find resolution and bring my case to a successful conclusion. For this, I am most grateful to them and their entire office staff.

CKL helped me protect my patents and inventions from notice through trial.  Their knowledge and stamina is amazing!  What a team!!!

David Fertell, Philadelphia, PA

These aren’t your typical “lawyers”.  They’re people who just get it and know how to protect IP.

Dan Tranchina, San Francisco CA